Thursday, 6 April 2017

Arrived. Just

In crail, post crossing from eyemouth, near gale force 7 was interesting. Chortle very pleased with her self, all be it a little disappointed in her sea sick crew! All recovered now after stuffing our faces. With lunch. Crail is like heaven.

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Hundalee Mill Farm
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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Our new boat CHORTLES BLOG

Our new boat Chortle.

our new boat chortle is now well into her refurbishment. Like the tide going out she has had most of her fttings removed, now either serviced or replaced these fittings are now going back in. The ebb of referbishment is over , the tide has turned, this friday i lifted her new engine into the cabin to begin the process of reengining chortle and a tidel race of fittings and gear fill her up for some summer family adventures on the high seas. To see chortles refurbishment and our new adventures please see chortles blog:

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Last jolly

Did'nt we have a lovely day afloat on our beloved chuckle for the last time yesterday. 

Having removed all our personal items from chuckle we begin planning on how to sail the new boat our sadler 29 with bilge keels from isle of whithorn in the solway firth round the hammer head mull of gallaway back to home waters. So our family sailing adventures continue. 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Chuckles sale has been agreed

We have this morning with heavy hart accepted an offer for Chuckle. Her new home is as keen as we are to see her well cared for and used to her full potential, wonderful news and a great relief to find a great home for her.

Now what boat to choose to extend our sailing experience, i have written off a bigger wooden boat now, due to the extra size and the maintenance demand on top of everything else will be too much, perhaps when the children are more independent or have left home, sooooo…..  Fergus, freyja and myself (jenny away at work) have decided if we have to accept a piece of Tupperware we will only settle for the unsinkable well insulated, sea kindly/worthy, versatile,  spacious (to us) and fit for longer family passages to the baltic and beyond, fit for weekends and month long cruises away, is a bilge keeled Sadler 34. humm, how will i put the price tag to jenny……..15 years of holidays afloat? Does mum really want to do night watches, and longer passages? Jenny has agreed to do some night watch experience on a course or in some other way before we make the commitment. Deep breath. swallow, tear in my eye, no more chuckling………..

Sunday, 16 August 2015


Sale due to children out growing their birth. We love our chuckle it has been a great pleasure sailing her, taking all our family holidays in her and maintaining her as a family project. We would like to find a new owner who is able to take full advantage of her continued potential given appropriate maintenance and care. Please see this sailing blog for more information than you might need:

We would like to begin looking for a new wooden boat of 33' for family cruising, chuckle has inspired us to go further and find new horizons we hope very much its new owners will gain as much from her as we have. Any offer considered from a potentially perfect home, for example a young family wishing to begin sailing with woodworking skills and the time and resources to carry it off.

£2500 ONO